Why Ashley Schenkein Jewelry

Choosing an engagement ring that reflects your love, commitment, and style comes with ease at Ashley Schenkein Jewelry. During this exciting yet sometimes stressful time, we can offer the intimate experience of a small, independent business while giving you the perks of a big box store. With Ashley by your side, the ring will certainly reflect your unique love and style while giving you the best diamond and gemstone choices and prices. At Ashley Schenkein, we not only source everything locally but also have access to thousands of diamonds within 24 hours offering you the ability to get exactly the right diamond for your budget. We will show you the diamond or gemstone of your choice before it is mounted so you can judge the diamond on the 4 Cā€™s, while of course always proudly selling only conflict free diamonds.  We DO NOT believe in being pushy.  We do believe in offering an experience that is enjoyable, informative and hassle ā€“ free.