Wedding Wednesday: Diamond Shapes & Sizes

One of the most important, initial decisions you'll make when designing and purchasing an engagement ring is this: diamond shape and size. 

Regardless of budget, determining a diamond shape will be largely influenced by your bride-to-be's style, lifestyle, and personal preference. Watch for cues in the jewelry she wears. If she's feminine and classic, a round, oval or cushion-cut diamond might suit her well. If she's a bit edgier and is not afraid to push the limits of fashion, a princess, emerald-cut or marquis diamond might be a great option. We are here to help you evaluate the options in order to best determine a diamond shape that she'll LOVE for life. 

On to diamond size...the decision of which certainly factors in your budget. The good news, no matter WHAT your budget is?? Because we have little-to-no overhead like bigger retail stores, your budget stretches farther with us...and that means you may have a bit more wiggle room on diamond size than you anticipated having. Hooray! Because pricing of diamonds is directly correlated to the "4 C's" (color, cut, clarity, carat) we suggest scheduling an appointment with us to take a hands-on look at your diamond options, through the designer's diamond lens. 

Give us a call and we'll help you with next steps - we look forward to hearing from you! 303.828.7183