Ashley Schenkein Jewelry Design strives to lessen our impact on the planet, and our goal is to maintain balance between producing high-quality products aesthetically and integrally, while minimizing our carbon footprint whenever possible. We do this by using all conflict free diamonds. Our primary diamond supplier is certified to be conflict-free and we feel that it’s our duty to challenge our suppliers in this regard. We hope you will seek out information on these important practices as well. We are also proud to incorporate other sustainable practices in our studio. Key tactics include locally-made production, using as much recycled paper and gift boxes as possible and implementing “green” cleaning methods.  We reuse packaging materials, print only what’s necessary, and recycle all eligible materials. 

We are always striving to make more changes to minimize our impact on the environment, and we applaud you for supporting these practices.  As a small company, while these changes may seem minimal, we know they make a big difference and we all have to start somewhere.